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Some dreams I’m beginning to understand

These dreams came to me a long time ago and I posted them (one or two of these?) on OH forum, only I cannot retrieve them now so I will do my best to remember each detail. 

The Snake dreams:

Dream one

There is a glass cubicle, like a small see-through room. Inside it I see a man and a snake . The snake bites the man, he is wounded with a deadly wound and crawls out of the cubicle, dying.  It is my turn to enter the cubicle. I go in but do not encounter the snake. Instead, the snake is outside. A larger snake comes and swallows the snake.  It lay there by the outside wall- then I see the large snake split open lengthwise and also the smaller snake inside the larger one. While still inside the cubicle , I’m handed a baby boy with thick dark hair and begin nursing him. This part of the dream is wonderful and fulfilling.

Dream two

I am climbing a ladder, either toward a very high tower or a top of a mountain. The climbing is easy at first, then becomes more strenuous. I get to the top step and look to see what’s there, on top. It’s flat and there is a man battling a large snake. He trows the snake down, off the tower.  I’m scared by this (perhaps there are more snakes?) and so I start going back down.  The ladder begins to crumble, I hold onto the sides and slide half-way down. Then I realize that the snake is down there, I better not go further down!  I begin to climb again, only this time my climbing gets even more difficult – I’m pulling myself towards the top holding onto tree roots (some of which are loose and I have to be very careful not to lose my grasp/footing).  But I make it, flinging down a snake that waits for me near the top in the end.  I make it!

Two different snake dreams (in succession/order)

In dream one I’m inside a house (with a front porch).  There are many small snakes in the room I’m in. I get a pair of scissors and cut all their heads off. There is also a very large light colored snake, about 10-12ft. long. I know it’s too dangerous for me to conquer, so I trick it (making it follow me toward the porch, then shutting the door as the snake enters the porch. I check the porch awhile later, the snake is gone. I know it still exists and will come back one day.

Dream two I live in a large house that is situated by lush green hills.  The snake from my previous dream roams these hills. There are many people in the dream. I see the snake (grown hundred-fold in size) eat these people alive. It’s more like 100-150 ft. long and it’s head is bigger than the windows of my house. I watch the snake feed on the people (by the dozens), knowing that it will come after me as well. And it does, it’s looking for me, circling the big house. There is a front and back entrance. The snake is trying to enter in the back, and as I see it’s tail by the front entrance I see a chance to escape (knowing it’ll take the snake some time to get through the house).  But the snake makes it through, trying to strike me as I’m fleeing amongst the trees toward the hills. I continue battling it fiercely with a sword for quite some time. Fortunately I’m not eaten like the others but continue battling against the snake’s head. The dream ends.


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