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songs and dreams

Anna’s Song

Today is the day,
Show the way!
It’s time that you could do it!
God, oh God,
Today is the day,
Show the way,
We will follow its way today,
Hooray for Jesus!
He made us homes
For Jesus in the dome,
He is the Almighty King!

Jesus is Mighty!!!

Our nine-year old daughter Anna wrote and sang this to me…  I was so touched by her song. She also drew a picture of a cross with smaller crosses and diamonds on it, with a description: “Follow Jesus He will show the way”

This interesting dream unfolded in three sections. I had it the night of last day of February.

Scene I
I’m in what appears to be an orphanage. It’s a big house, full of children. I’m one of the caretakers. We hear someone sounding an alarm: “They’re
coming! Hide everybody! I yell: “Run to the field!” All the children run out of the building. It’s almost dusk. I’m outside, checking the perimeter, making sure everybody got out on time. A farmer (together with an apprentice type boy) approaches me. He looks down and sees hundreds of tiny footprints in the mud. “I knew they were here!” he proclaims and calls for the search party. I hope the kids made it to safety. The outcome isn’t clear.

Scene II
I’m in women’s holding facility. There are dozens (if not hundreds) of cots draped with colorful scarves and middle eastern type cloths. Women are laying on the cots, sick and dying. There are other women removing the dead bodies and placing new patients on the cots. I look on in disgust, as they merely straighten out the scarf (at the head) and the bedcloth before placing a new patient on the cot. I don’t touch anything. Female (I assume Russian) officers wearing red berets march in. They are aggressive and demanding. One points me over to a large bowl (with
water) full of flowers, commanding me to put the flowers in smaller, empty containers.  I have difficulty removing the flowers from the bowl  because they are connected by mushy bulbs and I’m forced to break them apart in order to separate the blooms. I finish the task, knowing
that many of the flowers won’t survive.

Scene III
I’m at a railway station, where people are being deported. I’m in the women’s side, where captives are prepared for deportation by the captors.
There’s a lot of activity, women are packing their few belongings for the trip ahead. I walk over to the other side, where the men are. I see a man in his 60’s with gray hair and moustache, wearing old fashion glasses and a three-piece suit, sitting on the bench. I walk over to him and he stands up. We shake hands and introduce ourselves; “M…R…” – “Leo Meldev”. He says: “You will bring it to me”, and we depart. I go back to the women’s side. There are articles of clothingon the ground. One women points to a vest, as the article I’m supposed to take over to L. M. I shake my head in disbelief, “no, that can’t be”…  But then I realize there is a secret plan or blueprint hidden inside the double lining.  I collect the article under the
watchful eyes of the captors and smuggle it over to the other side.

(I thought the name to be a combination of Leo Tolstoy and the current Russian President Medvedev).

Last night, I went to bed utterly exhausted and crying out to Jesus “why did you pick me Lord?” (Put me in this specific position)

I cried myself to sleep as I sometimes do. Lord gave me this dream in the morning hours.  It encouraged me greatly (and moved me to tears when I remembered the different parts during the workday) so I’d like to share it here. Some parts I haven’t been able to interpret.

I move into a house on a busy street. It’s big and there’s lots of open space, rather than several rooms. There are sections made of wood (with large wooden squares skillfully crafted into inlaid patterns, rich looking).  I’m settling in and find that I have a few roommates moving in with me. They are a rough bunch, quarreling and acting out, not treating the property well.  They start asking me out: “let’s go partying” but I decline so they leave.

I walk over to a window that opens to a street and the sidewalk. Sitting on the sidewalk are large boxes and garbage bags with a tag that says: to the lady who— (cannot remember the rest). Someone walks up the sidewalk and starts handing the items over to me, through an open window.  There’s much stuff, not junk but many usable and some decorative items.  I set one wooden item aside and begin studying it. It’s delicate, lacquered and has many different rounded parts that swivel open, creating bigger, unique patterns. It amuses me for awhile.

Guests start arriving. These are “well off” people, wearing expensive clothes and looking quite distinguished. Yikes, I wish I could go hide somewhere!!! One of the guests has with him a box. Inside the box is a curved tube (or horn) of sorts and this man is telling people’s fortunes through the tube. Only, there’s great distortion and sounds of all kinds mixing in while he’s speaking. So I can’t understand a thing. But I’m curious and say to him a certain word in my first language, then say it in English (my horoscope sign). Out comes more unintelligible blabber that I cannot understand. So I leave.

I’m standing in the kitchen, wondering what could I possibly offer to them… I don’t have much, having just moved in.  A man walks over to me with a big box full of fish and starts handing them to me. He says:” It’s an honor to give this to you.” I’m overwhelmed and disagree, telling him what an honor it is to receive such a gift! I try to hold onto all the fish, but it’s too much! I drop it all, there goes the fish, under the kitchen table! Uh-oh, I’m crawling under the table, picking up fish. This is when I realize that most of the fish is individually wrapped in clear plastic- no harm done! They are long, thin pink salmon-type fillets. But some I pick are fresh, fat, whole fishes with scales. I take those to the sink and start washing them off. Then turn on the oven to start baking.

Other guests bring in bread, many small loaves and a bottle of oil, we then start preparing for a feast. While setting up the table with the plates, silverware and sparkling (crystal?) glasses that I take out of the dishwasher, we realize that we’re short on glasses.  I walk over to the cupboard and open the large double doors. There are dozens of punch bowl type cups with handles, all different colors and many are chipped or cracked, their shine gone. The guests eye them suspiciously, but I start taking them out, saying: look, they are clean! They’ll do just fine.

Someone comes over to congratulate me on what a splendid house I got! A little embarrassed, I say: “I’ve lived here only three days!” “But look what you’ve accomplished!” the guest replies.

not sure what the stuff on the sidewalk represents (especially the wooden thing) and what the tag read. What the different fishes mean, and them rolling under the table…

Wind, Buildings and Baby

Everyone is affected by a strong wind that is beginning to blow.  It’s a cold wind that blows through the walls and into people’s homes. They try to shut double-pane glass windows as the wind blows them open. I’m back in my childhood village in Finland, where there’s an old grocery store on top of a hill. The people start gathering  and huddling in this strong building, dozens and dozens together. Through the store windows,  I see quarreling and fighting amongst the people. An old lady slaps a man on his forehead (I perceive this quite humorous).

It’s dangerous to venture outdoors. The cold wind is killing the landscape. I see a pond and some horses drinking from it. I see a large sun behind
the pond and the horses. The water is laden with poisonous particles (there was a certain time of day, a small window of time that it was safe to drink the water, but it’s no longer safe).  I know these horses are going to get sick (all water sources are now being affected).  The vegetation is withering and dying. Looking outside, there’s only desolation, as far as eye can see.

I’m indoors with my family, living on 2nd floor in an apartment, next apartment being a consignment store. It has a glass door so I can look inside. No-one works there, it’s been left vacant with lots of stuff, fine silk gowns, suits, leather shoes and other upper-class type clothing.  (I wonder if anyone will come open the store- I would like to buy some things that my family needs).  In my arms I have a little baby that I’m nursing. People (family members?) are continually approaching me with their troubles and I’m getting frustrated, explaining to them, “I cannot
neglect my baby!” So I continue breast-feeding -which seems to take a long time. Meanwhile, in my mind, I’m recalling the birth of this baby and the pain I went through during childbirth. I actually feel the ripping pain (physically in my dream) as the baby’s head crowns.

I’m finished with nursing. The baby is now 4 months old and starts walking. I’m amazed, how could a baby develop at such a rate!  People are knocking at the door, opening it.  The baby says; “come in!” And in they come, surprised to see this little baby walking and talking.  End of dream.

Also, a couple of weeks ago I saw a number 1904 as I
woke up.

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