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September post

I’m going to post a few of my (what I perceive as prophetic) dreams. Some of them I posted earlier this summer, assuming they related to a revival that began in Lakeland FL. I deleted my earlier ponderings (as they became irrelevant)  but kept them it in my computer journal (to look back at, if necessary).  Here’s the dream portion of the previous post plus additional two dreams I think are significant in my walk of faith.


Floor Dream

I had a floor dream.  In it I walked into a house and the head of the family (father) said to the other family members: “she’s the one who is going to inspect the floor.”  I went inside to inspect the floor. It was covered by vinyl tile type flooring throughout the house and didn’t look too bad, but the mastic wasn’t adhering properly. I started pulling up the vinyl and discovered patches of wood paneling under it.  I said, “this is meant to be used as wall paneling, it’ll all have to be removed.”

Storm Dream, early April this year

I’m inside a massive, older house.  The interior doors are wide and thick, such as the ones you might find in northern parts of Europe or America (with thresholds good 3-4 inches high).  The house is built on a sloping hill, close to the beach. I’m in a room with an ocean view (facing east). Huge waves start pounding at the house, water’s coming in, filling the room I’m in. Soon there’s only 3 or 4 ft. clearance from the ceiling, I’m floating, holding on to some wood furniture.  Another wave is coming! The water recedes before the next one hits, and I manage to get to the door and try to open it. It’s heavy and hard to open. Finally, I manage to open the door against the receding water, as the next wave is about to hit. In the next room I hear the wave coming and try my best to close and lock the heavy door…  Not having enough strength against the rushing water, the door blows open and the room starts filling with water. I see stacks and rolls of different materials and carpets etc. (giving this room an appearance of interior decorating business storage room).  I manage to wrap a heavy carpet remnant around my body and it protects me from water and floating debris.  As the wave recedes, I make it to the front porch and finally outside through a small window.

I’m now standing on dry land. I walk over to the corner to look towards the ocean, and see another wave coming. A heavy outdoor table constructed from split logs almost hits me and I jump back.   Oddly, the water rushes by both sides of the house but the front (west) part of the yard stays dry.  I walk up the hill, where the storm waters don’t reach. There I meet a janitor (in real life he’s actually the janitor where I work at). He tells me: “Your house will stand when the storm’s over, but it will need some repairs and cleaning.”

My attention shifts over to my neighbors. They are gathered outside their homes, not affected by the storm because they are located higher on the hillside.  Many of the houses on the right side are new construction, having many extra features, fancy patios, pools, colorful awnings etc. The owners show some concern, yet mostly pity me due to my misfortune.  The houses toward my left are vacation houses, built for part-time residents and not as impressive as the ones on my right.  From the ones that are occupied, people also emerge to survey the damage. They are somewhat rowdy, cracking dirty jokes, seemingly indifferent about what’s taking place. In desperate attempts to make them listen, I try to talk to the people standing outside: “The storm will come again, and it’s gonna reach your houses too!!! You are not safe!!!

Swimming pool

I dreamed of a swimming pool. The water was clear but I noticed some clusters of depris that consisted of small particles, floating in it. It had rained but I did not see the rain. I decided to go swimming even though I was not sure if that was a good idea. When I entered the swimming pool, I discovered (to my surprise) that the pool was empty and clean! Then, I thought- maybe this is a good thing!


I’m standing on the ocean floor, in the bottom of a whirlpool (enclosed in a vortex type tube of dry air (very high), with waters whirling around me).  The air inside is still and I can see theedges of the ocean surface very, very far above (it seems like a mile-high funnel).  I’m quite surprised and ask the Lord, why am I here?  I look up and see the top part of the open funnel begin to close with water. I’m expecting the Lord to propel me through the funnel up to the surface, before the waters enclose me in.  This doesn’t happen, though.  I’m looking at the waters closing in far above me, and say to myself, okay, if this is His will, then let it be so. I’m perfectly calm and comfortable.

The meaning
of the floor dream hasn’t been fully revealed to me yet, but this is what I perceive it’s pointing to: This period of time being God’s threshing floor, so to speak… (Judgment begins in His House). The wall panels (spiritual protection against enemy forces) are being put to incorrect use, and will  require some restructuring/spiritual re-assessment  in the body of Christ. Of course it could also pertain to my own faith progress and construction.  Anyway, in my “wanderings”  I have become aware of some inconsistencies, nothing major, just a few situations that (on my part) have required
some extra discernment while looking into the matter…

The storm dream I had within a day or two of the first revival meetings, when there wasn’t any talk of revival yet. It started breaking out within the next week or so. In the dream I protected myself from depris with a heavy carpet remnant. Could mean me relying on the remnants of my childhood faith or old traditions- who knows… God is doing some shaking, that’s for sure!!!

In the pool dream I consider the emptying of the swimming pool an act of God (so that He can fill it with fresh anointing of Holy Spirit). Seeing the floating particles (impurities) made me cautious about jumping in. The swimming pool had collected water from an earlier rain, so the water was standing or “stagnant” -growing bacteria…  But I “risked” being contaminated by the impurities in the water and jumped in. And the pool was emptied and cleansed (which made me glad, accepting the turn of event in my dream).  It’s simply waiting to be filled, after going through a process of emptying and cleansing.

The whirlpool dream has a similar meaning, but looking from an opposite view.

More recent dreams

Gate of woe
I was standing by a stone wall, before an old iron gate. It was heavy and locked with a big lock. I looked at it, thinking, I cannot go through. Under and around the gate were grooves with some kind of patterns engraved in bottom of the grooves.  I ran my fingers through these grooves and found that the patterns molded or re-shaped, due to the imprints of my fingers… They consisted of wet clay-type substance. I felt that these grooves represented suffering, got a strong impression, this is like holocaust or something…

I stood before the ancient gate, perplexed, what to do… Suddenly, the gate swung open, smoothly and quietly. The lock was gone. I stood still
a few seconds, unsure. Then I decided to walk through the gate, feeling somewhat uneasy.  I came to an area of white rounded stones on the ground. They looked a bit like cobble stones, only bigger and flatter. The stones were covered by powdery white substance and I was careful not to step on them.  I looked to my left, there stood a large white church building with lots of windows without glass, looking inside I saw that it was empty/deserted. I considered going in, but decided against it, since there was nothing to see anyways.  Instead, I walked back through the gate and tried to close it behind me. The lock no longer existed, and the gate didn’t want to close.

I woke up with a strong impression that it was a gate of WOE… I asked the Lord, was this dream from the enemy, did I enter in against my better
judgment… and received an answer within my spirit; stand/remain steadfast until the woe is past. I felt that Lord was telling me that judgment will begin in the House of God. The lukewarm and the hypocrite will be dealt with…

Man & Lady preachers, dish-washing, tray (dream I had Friday night last week)

I’m at a worship service, 8-10 ft. away from the pulpit, on the side. There’s a preacher preaching and a woman translating.  Only, she is not translating the sermon to another language, but using slightly different language/words than the preacher.  I’m on the floor, washing a panful of dishes while listening. As I scrub, I worry about the sound of the porcelain plates causing distraction in the church.

Next to me there’s a large tray filled with cakes, bread and a pitcher. Also some pretty flowers. It’s like a bed tray, with short legs on both sides. (I’m doing the finishing touches, making sure everything is arrayed beautifully). I feel it’s for the congregation. The sermon ends and the preacher lady walks over to talk to me, saying: “you shouldn’t be washing the dishes during the service.”  I feel guilty and don’t know what to say…  She then picks up the tray and places it over my head.

A little while later she tells me that she’s thinking about accepting a very highly esteemed position as a teacher or a professor in a famous university. We shake  hands and I say, “surely God will lead you where He wants you to go.”  End of dream.

I woke up thinking, boy was I acting like Martha in that dream…

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