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Week 10

The reality and the role of an intercessor is finally starting to dawn on me.  There is so much more involved than just prayers said in good faith. It’s wonderful that Lord has been answering my prayers despite all my shortcomings and low self-esteem. So many times the enemy has been able to shut me up with accusations, doubts, totally unnecessary guilt trips…


Yet, such shortcomings must be realized, in fact you must be reduced to nothing!!!  Only then the Holy Spirit has all the room available for His work.  Everything must yield to the will of God.  I must be willing to sit in a dumpster with a poor homeless person if the Spirit tells me to do so.  If I’m indeed to walk with Christ, I must be willing to abide in Him fully, face turmoil and times of testing, being despised and scorned. I must be brought low enough to share the sufferings of those Lord appoints me to intercede for,  share in the groanings of the Holy Spirit (which cannot be uttered, only experienced).

Everything that’s “you” must be nailed to the cross, own will, life, relationships, material possessions -just to name a few.  Obedience to God’s Word strictly required. Relying on His grace alone will enable you to do so.  How can one discern whether they’re hearing God or listening to their own intelligence (thoughts arising out of guilt for example)???  Plenty of trial and error. Lots of practice, I guess. But most of all, trusting on His of Mercy and Grace! And then extending it to others!  In the process you become very sensitive to His voice. it’s a process that takes a toll on one’s conscience, though!!!  Like those times when you’re not totally sure if you did or said the right thing, even in the most insignificant of issues. Nags at you some.

So you’re Confused wrestling with your intellect, your flesh and the enemy. Lord have mercy!

If I stopped to think about everything that intercessor must go through, I’d probably throw in the towel. The burdens, the sacrifices and the
long-suffering (willingness to make long-term commitments is an absolute must) will take their toll on your family and job, but His grace will carry you through, Thank you Jesus!!! More and more often I find myself in a place where I have no choice but to rely on the Lord. When my heart cries in agony to God, for His justice and righteousness to prevail in a difficult situation someone is experiencing, I can only rely on His grace and mercy.  I have a right to expect a miracle to take place, for His Honor and Glory. I’m learning what it means to grow in obedience and how you must experience and endure trials to gain authority over them… When you have won the victory in Jesus, Jesus may bring victory to others, through your intercession… There’s a definite order to this “pilgrim’s progress” Boy Thank You Lord for revealing some of the aspects!!! Girl I’m so excited to think that you would use a vessel such as I.  So many times I’ve thought,Wilted rose surely I must be a vessel unto dishonor, but there is always a slight chance that God in His great mercy might turn it into a vessel of honor. Red rose


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