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Weeks 5-9

Hmmm, it seems like I’ve been developing a one-track mind lately… Sarcastic

Yes, my world is revolving around Him!!!  How wonderful is that!?! Rainbow Seeing His promises fulfilled brings my heart Red heart such joy and gladness!Smile 

But I’ve also been on my face before the throne more than usual in the last few
days and weeks- crying my eyes out to the Lord daily. Our Daddy has such a wonderful way of turning our mourning into rejoicing!  I’ve seen His mighty works change people’s lives, bringing hope to some that are "deemed" hopeless by the majority.  And there’s lots going on behind the scenes. Praise God, I can sense it!  I have to be careful not to discuss anyone’s business though. It’s God’s business, really. Oh -but how I want to bring Him the glory, honor and praise- I’m in awe at what He’s showing me.

Our world is going through changes. God is going to manifest His presence in many, many places.  I’ve experienced an increase of visions and dreams, even the natural occurrences and daily events seem to carry specific messages. Like picking up (what I assumed was an injured) bird during the lunar eclipse, watching it stand on my open palm for quite a while, the bird then taking off in a perfect flight!  Cool!

Red rose Found a new place to worship Him, people there are joyful BoyGirland their praise umm, how should I put it… Left hugcontagious!Right hug  God is good!

My brain’s been through a bit of a scramble though… At first I suspected the pneumonia medicines to be the cause, but I only took them for 10 days and the symptoms are still here. (For awhile, I suspected that I had a bacterial meningitis, because of the horrendous headaches). I took only 2 days off work. After coming home from work I fixed the kids some din-din, took my med’s and passed out, sleeping 13-14 hours until the next morning. All the extra rest enabled me to function normally.  I felt guilty about neglecting the kids, but they were fine and all things were taken care of despite mom’s snoozing!  Oh, how blessed I am, having such wonderful, caring husband and children!

This brain scramble is -really- quite aggravating!!! Baring teeth At times, I’m at a loss of words,  feel awkward, even act backwards at times!  I’ve become more easily distracted, too.  I hope no-one will notice… Thinking  I’m most definitely decreasing and feeling very "little" within myself -my routines and activities seem so insignificant.

Oh well, I’m concentrating on the Lord better so who cares…  I wonder if anyone else feels the urgency, expectation and the excitement I’m feeling this season… Clock Let me know! 


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