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Weeks 1-4

Party My husband and I welcomed 2008 in St Augustine, our nation’s oldest city. BoyGirl Our wedding anniversary was on Saturday so we arranged for a 4-day getaway to this wonderful vacation spot.  Unfortunately, I came down with a flu bug and felt pretty lousy Sick the whole trip (New Year’s Day, the temperatures dropped down to 20’s!). Determined to make the most of it, we took the sightseeing train around town, stopping for photo-op’s Camera at the many historic sites. The rest of our stay was spent inside the hotel room, “thawing” the chills in a hot jacquzzi.  Definite silver lining there, my hubby wasn’t dragged around town shopping (and spending money we didn’t have anyway) and I was already too “gone” to yield to temptations such as going out partying… With the stress and  struggles we’ve been through, this has been a very real temptation lately. 

But, being together Secret telling and away from it all was just what we needed!!! Red heart Well, it kinda drove me nuts too Confused but in a good way…

ClockI had plenty of time to read the instruction manual to my new Canon digital camera! Love it!!! I’m slowly learning how to use it, and I guess photoshop will come next, having no such program on my new computer.

I haven’t been updating my blog lately due to our oldest son taking my computer Computer apart when our pet dog was detained.  In a way he did me a favor, as the computer was already on it’s last leg and continually running out of memory. Light bulb Furthermore, I discovered that I could survive without internet for one whole month!!! Surprised

Well, it’s time to take advantage of my benefits, having a good medical insurance is so important. We’re taking care of a variety of needs and concentrating on the issues that affect the family’s well-being.  Lord is our helper and healer but we also have a great responsibility.  Lord bless these efforts!

Job has been very interesting, and rewarding also, as I’ve seen many prayers answered. Thank You Jesus!

I’m feeling a bit tired (my thoughts aren’t very clear due to circumstances) so I’m going to combine the latest happenings with some copy-pasted thoughts I’ve been sharing on a discussion board.

Here’s a few interesting dreams I’ve had lately.

In one dream there was a transparent, cube-shaped room with a door. It wasn’t wide or spacious but very tall. A man went inside this room. A
snake (cobra?) appeared and struck him twice. The man crawled out of the room, dying (?)

It was my time to enter the room. Before stepping inside, I saw a large python appear and swallow the other snake. As I entered, the snake was gone, but I could see it through the wall, laying on the ground. Something was strange about the dead snake (snakes?). It was either inside out or swallowed up tail first (?) Hard to explain this…

As I was inside cube-shaped the room a beautiful baby was handed to me. I laid down on the floor, so content, placing the baby on my chest. The dream ended like this, me gazing up at the very high walls with baby on my chest.

I dreamed of this in December. Today, mom told me about a dream she had just had (end of January). She dreamed that I had a baby girl. She was cooing and baby babbling and we adored her. Mom commented: “she’s starting to talk!”  I told her: “She’s been doing it for a while now.”

(I’ve been praying for a greater anointing and ability to share the gospel of Christ).  So, the baby’s now babbling! Smile

Also some battle type dreams:

I dreamed of an arm (from elbow up) appearing, holding what looked like a short sword or a long dagger.  The arm placed the sword/dagger in
front of my chest and face, tip pointing straight up.

In another dream, I crushed a snake’s head with a hammer. I then used the same hammer to grind different kinds of grain inside a bowl into flour.  I gave it to a social worker (I work with) and she ate some, I then tasted the mixture myself.  It was bitter and I started to wonder if the food contained traces of snake poison.   The social worker became very sick,  I did not fall ill but got a stomachache.

Here’s a possible interpretation: The hammer represents a hammer of justice. The snake represents corruption. I crush it’s head in some way… (?) I’m grinding the good grain (God’s word/truth) with a tool that was tainted by world’s injustice/corruption. The truth (mixed) is bitter and difficult to swallow… The grain did have lots of rough pieces (chaff?) in the mix. The caseworker will suffer an adverse reaction to a future verdict.  I will suffer a “bitter” reaction, but will be able to “stomach it.”

I had yet another snake dream. I was climbing a ladder, getting higher and higher. When I reached the top, I saw a  man fighting with a snake. I quickly jumped down, catching the ladder about third of the way down.  Then the man on top managed to throw the snake down and I watched it land far below me.  I decided to start climbing again since the snake had been dealt with. Only, the ladder became flimsier the higher I got, until the steps could no longer support me… I started climbing up holding onto roots and branches. I finally reached the top for the second time.  There, a snake flew at me, landing by my ear/neck. I “flicked” it off and watched it fall down below.  End of dream.

Those dreams probably reflect my own Girl pilgrim’s progress…Boy

As I mentioned, good things have happened at work, clients have been given favorable verdicts, people have been united with their loved ones! I love to witness such joyful reunions!Left hugRed heartRight hug People are receiving answers and help from God.  He is so awesome and His Mercy endures…  Always.

We cannot fully understand, comprehend or explain the greatness of His Grace and Mercy, but we sure can experience it!

Yesterday, I was diagnosed with pneumonia, the doctor said it’s community acquired (meaning, I probably got it from a client). I’ve spent three days in bed, having no physical strength whatsoever but in my spirit praising  God for all He has done!!!  How sweet to realize- when we’re at our
weakest His Spirit can be manifested so beautifully, so strong…

Time to hit the sack… Sleeping half-moon

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