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Week Twenty-one

This will be a quick overview, since I’ve been posting lots of this’n’that on my blog lately.

We celebrated our oldest son Brian’s 17th birthday yesterday mainly by "family" meaning no fuss, but fun water balloon fights and yummy cake etc. Brian got a generous present from grandma -that made the day for him!

Today we have a special reason to celebrate, rejoice, and be glad (toward God, from whom all blessings flow, always!). We’ve been working on solving the school related issues regarding our son’s lengthy absences this spring. We had a school board official come to our house in a few occasions (and even signed withdrawal papers -somewhat discouraging, damage-control type measures).

Last week, after a few phone conversations with school counselor, doctor’s and parent’s additional statements (and many prayers to Daddy) my son and I went to his school this afternoon to "pick out" his electives for next year!!! Hallelujah, thank you Jesus! They’re letting him stay, willing to forgive him all the unfinished makeup work, he can still take part in some AP classes (downgrade from the most demanding IB program). Guess where the glory is due!?! God is so GOOD, to Him all our Glory, our Honor and our Praise!

I’m also very excited about our upcoming vacation to a beautiful mountain destination – had to post some photos beforehand! We’ve vacationed in this area several times since the early 90’s. In those early days, we used to pitch our tent by the lake (posted in the album). Then we had a pop-up, then a small travel trailer, now we’re staying in a cabin on the ridge. (Praise the Lord, my hubby earned -from his job- a card with enough $$$ to make this trip possible). YES!!!

Daddy, you take such good care of us, bless sister S also regarding her health! Bless brother L!

I’ve been given a special privilege of taking care of their little grandson this past week. Thank you Lord for this opportunity to bless my dear friends. We held a day of fasting, culminated by a special prayer meeting on sister S’ behalf.

I have even more requests Daddy! Will You please see to it that our roommate "miss B" makes it safely to her family in CT… Give your angels charge over her… Bring forth the right solutions to all her troubles concerning relatives and friends, work, future living arrangements etc! Place her in the palm of your hand Daddy, bring her to recognize that You have all the answers! Thank You Daddy! We can not do anything in our own power if it’s not according to Your purpose!

The Just Shall Live by Faith (wk20)

"But that no man is justified by the law in the sight of God, it is evident: for, The just shall live by faith." (Gal. 3:11)

When it has been shown in the bright light of God’s Spirit that man, as lost and condemned sinner, cannot do the least thing on his own part for the building of his salvation, and that salvation therefore is of grace alone and a gift of God, it has angered those who have served God in the spirit of self-righteousness. This was the case among the pharisees and scribes at the time of Jesus. Even yet this kind of mind becomes evident where, by the preaching of living faith, great sinners, who in their spiritual poverty are burdened with sin and debt, are counseled to come to the Saviour of sinners. So then, if they too had been hired at the eleventh hour, as were those spoken of in Jesus’ parable, they would receive the same pay as those hired in the third hour. For the reward is of grace and not of merit, which man in the spirit of self-righteousness counts to his credit because he has borne the burden and the heat of the day.

Thus we see in many places in the Epistles The Apostles wrote to Christians of how the adversary of the soul tried to make God’s work meaningless in those who had come into faith. When a Christian’s first glow of inspired faith has cooled and the blessed feelings of God’s grace have ended, there comes into question for him to live by faith alone, even though the heart feels cold and wicked. This offers the devil a fitting opportunity to set fine snares for a Christian.

He then hears a voice within himself. It sounds like the voice of a preacher of repentance: "Behold, good Christian, what actually happens in your heart? The kingdom of heaven, from which earlier a song of thanksgiving rose for the honor of God and the Lamb for the great gift of redemption, now appears to have become a place of contention for all the evil spirits. No, my good friend, in order to continue to please God you must become a better Christian, for the Bible says that God hates all evil and corrupt things." Then the black spirit, clothed as an angel of light, tries to lead the Christian onto the road of his own repentance and own merit, and does not allow him to live by faith alone.

This was a great danger in the Apostolic congregation, especially for those who had come into faith from Jewish bondage to the law. Then, when those who in unbelieving condition tried to please God with the works of the law were now to live by faith, the came into question: How firmly was their faith built upon Christ? Had God been able to effect such a repentance and change of mind in them that they now with childlike mind served God, and was their boast in Jesus Christ only? No, we see by this Paul’s Epistle to the Galatians also, that all were not such. But with heartfelt caretaking of their salvation, the Apostle tried to build their faith and Christianity on the foundation of faith saying: "But that no man is justified by the law in the sight of God, it is evident: for just shall live by faith."

Moreover, we observe that the other Apostles also, in many places in their Epistles, teach and counsel Christians as to how faith is to be preserved guileless in a good conscience. But thereby they do not set the conscience as the plumbline for faith, but God’s word alone. And even today, all faithful servants of the Lord have heartfelt caretaking of this, that the Christians would remain in the freedom to which Christ has called them through the gospel, and that consciences would not be bound to some work of the law which comes in the name of Christianity. For the adversary of the soul, the spirit of unbelief, tries at this time also, by cheapening Christ’s precious merit, to overthrow all God’s work.

We would even today be groping around in the darkness of unbelief, had not God in His great grace and love toward us preserved His Word alive in Christians’ hearts and prepared, throughout the times, such weapons for the work, who have preached the gospel of repentance and the forgiveness of sins. In this way, a clear distinction is made between the righteousness won by faith in the Lord Jesus, and the righteousness which man himself attempts to build.Then is also a dividing line properly drawn between God’s kingdom and the kingdom of the world.

Also, in this last time of the coming of Christ, all faithful guardians on Zion’s wall endeavor, in the light of God’s Spirit, to teach and strengthen Christians onto the firm foundation of faith, which is the Lord Jesus Christ. But the laborers of God’s vineyard have weighty and responsible work maintaining the vineyard’s walls in such condition that the spirit of unbelief – whether it comes in the form of love for the world or self-righteousness – would not find any weak, porous place in the vineyard’s walls, through which it could worm it’s way inside and spread unrest and confusion in the vineyard- or in God’s congregation. Such a danger can threaten when there is preached such a doctrine in which man’s own merit and work obscure Christ’s precious merit in the Christian’s heart and conscience. Where this doctrine gains a foothold in Christian’s minds, there is obscured the pure doctrine of justification and it is confused with sanctification, which follows as a fruit of faith. If a Christian possesses such a mind, he no longer lives by faith alone, but also by his own merit.

Finally, there is prepared such kind of ground which affords an excellent seedbed for envy, hate, disagreement and heresy, which Paul calls the works of the flesh. When these spirits govern man, he is not much disturbed by the sin which moves about in his fallen nature. Instead, he then measures the faith and Christianity of others according to his own walk and yardstick. Then he does not live by faith alone, but also by the sins and faults of others. Then no longer is the brotherly relationship maintained according to Christ’s church-law, love.

This Christ’s law of love is also likely no longer maintained in force by a servant of the word who does not keep secret matters and affairs which another Christian has, as a matter of his soul, entrusted to him in order to obtain counsel and and instruction. But when the conscience becomes dark, one can – in the manner of the unbelieving servant mentioned in Jesus’ parable – go to court against his brother over a small debt, but forgets that he himself has received forgiveness of a debt of ten thousand talents. We can read in God’s word what harsh judgment the master lets fall because of such a merciless mind.

But now you will probably ask, you traveler on heaven’s road, who feel that the power of sin is so great, and your faith so weak and wavering: "How can I live by this faith, which is as a flickering candle and which may at any moment become extinguished in the cold wind of unbelief which blows over my heart?"

Dear journeying companion, when we feel this sin and shortcoming, let us find our refuge in Him alone, Whose power is strong in the weak. Let us always behold Him, who is the Author and Finisher of our faith. He alone is our salvation, He of whom the Lord’s prophet prophesies, that He bears our sickness, and our pain He takes upon Himself; He is wounded for our transgressions and must suffer this punishment so that we could gain peace and would be healed by His wounds.

In God’s congregation on earth, among His justified and graced children, resounds even yet the comforting gospel, that we, as great sinners, may believe ourselves blessed because of God’s grace. We may believe even then, when it feels that all the spirits of unbelief are in our flesh, that God sees no sin in us, when with the faith of the heart we comprehend that His Son is our Savior, who has suffered the punishment of our sins and has fulfilled God’s righteous law in our stead and risen from the dead for our justification. And may it be of great consolation to us that He now sits on God’s right hand and always prays for us, that our faith would not end.

When we thus walk in faith and sanctification, in daily penitence and repentance and can receive new grace every day, then does our heart become cleansed of the filth of sin, by the sprinkling blood of Jesus, the Son of God. Then we journey from one victory to another – weak on our own part, it is true, but strong by the power of His Spirit.

Then we live as justified children of God by faith alone, and grow in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior, and are able with the faith of the heart to confess with the Apostle Paul: "For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth… For therein is the righteousness of God revealed from faith to faith: as it is written, The just shall live by faith." (Rom 1:16,17) Amen.

From Sam Wettainen’s Article in The Father’s Voice, #1/1968


Made some changes regarding the access to my blog, as I discovered my page received a visit from an "undesirable" search site that contained immoral search results…

May the Lord Jesus find access to that specific heart.

Matt. 7: 7-8 Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock and it will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks it will be opened.

Week Nineteen

Let all things that are revealed to us by the grace of God be for the edification of the body of Christ and bring glory to God Almighty, the maker of heaven and earth. 

I have been concerned over some issues pertaining to the inner relations of our little group of believers. In some recent occasions, we have been “handed” an opportunity where it’s necessary for us to search where our hearts are (and ought to be) in the light of the scriptures. So often our actions and words are influenced by our own flesh, whether caused by a selfishness, pride, misconceptions, even old traditions we “jealously” hang onto…

May we continue to grow in all humility ad forgiveness toward one another, all in one accord, so that the fruits of the Spirit may abound and multiply within our midst.

We all love and hunger for the truths contained in the Holy Scriptures and strive to live accordingly. In addition, I believe there are other writings that have been divinely inspired. The following was written in Rome by St. Clement (Clemens Romanus, bishop of Rome) to the Church in Corinth, around AD 96. It was strongly considered to be included in the canonical texts, but was left out because Clement was a disciple of Apostle St. Peter and hadn’t met Lord Jesus Christ in person.

The text was translated from a Greek transcript to English by Charles H. Hoole in 1885. I found it on a Finnish web site and subsequently on a web page provided by Kevin Knight. http://www.newadvent.org/fathers/1010.htm

I will now copy some very good and edifying chapters from the letter of Clement to the Corinthians, permission granted by Mr. Knight via e-mail.

Chapter 34. Great is the Reward of Good Works with God. Joined Together in Harmony, Let Us Implore that Reward from Him.

The good servant receives the bread of his labour with confidence; the lazy and slothful cannot look his employer in the face. It is requisite, therefore, that we be prompt in the practice of well-doing; for of Him are all things. And thus He forewarns us:”Behold, the Lord [comes], and His reward is before His face, to render to every man according to his work.” He exhorts us, therefore, with our whole heart to attend to this, that we be not lazy or slothful in any good work. Let our boasting and our confidence be in Him. Let us submit ourselves to His will. Let us consider the whole multitude of His angels, how they stand ever ready to minister to His will. For the Scripture says, “Ten thousand times ten thousand stood around Him, and thousands of thousands ministered unto Him, (Daniel 7:10) and cried, Holy, holy, holy, [is] the Lord of Sabaoth; the whole creation is full of His glory.” (Isaiah 6:3) And let us therefore, conscientiously gathering together in harmony, cry to Him earnestly, as with one mouth, that we may be made partakers of His great and glorious promises. For [the Scripture] says, “Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which He has prepared for them that wait for Him.” (1 Corinthians 2:9)

Chapter 35. Immense is This Reward. How Shall We Obtain It?

How blessed and wonderful, beloved, are the gifts of God! Life in immortality, splendour in righteousness, truth in perfect confidence, faith in assurance, self-control in holiness! And all these fall under the cognizance of our understandings [now]; what then shall those things be which are prepared for such as wait for Him? The Creator and Father of all worlds, the Most Holy, alone knows their amount and their beauty. Let us therefore earnestly strive to be found in the number of those that wait for Him, in order that we may share in His promised gifts. But how, beloved, shall this be done? If our understanding be fixed by faith towards God; if we earnestly seek the things which are pleasing and acceptable to Him; if we do the things which are in harmony with His blameless will; and if we follow the way of truth, casting away from us all unrighteousness and iniquity, along with all covetousness, strife, evil practices, deceit, whispering, and evil-speaking, all hatred of God, pride and haughtiness, vain glory and ambition. For they that do such things are hateful to God; and not only they that do them, but also those that take pleasure in them that do them. (Romans 1:32) For the Scripture says, “But to the sinner God said, Wherefore do you declare my statutes, and take my covenant into your mouth, seeing you hate instruction, and castest my words behind you? When you saw a thief, you consented with him, and made your portion with adulterers. Your mouth has abounded with wickedness, and your tongue contrived deceit. You sit, and speak against your brother; you slander your own mother’s son. These things you have done, and I kept silence; you thought, wicked one, that I should be like to yourself. But I will reprove you, and set yourself before you. Consider now these things, you that forget God, lest He tear you in pieces, like a lion, and there be none to deliver. The sacrifice of praise will glorify me, and a way is there by which I will show him the salvation of God.”

Chapter 36. All Blessings are Given to Us Through Christ.

This is the way, beloved, in which we find our Saviour, even Jesus Christ, the High Priest of all our offerings, the defender and helper of our infirmity. By Him we look up to the heights of heaven. By Him we behold, as in a glass, His immaculate and most excellent visage. By Him are the eyes of our hearts opened. By Him our foolish and darkened understanding blossoms up anew towards His marvelous light. By Him the Lord has willed that we should taste of immortal knowledge, “who, being the brightness of His majesty, is by so much greater than the angels, as He has by inheritance obtained a more excellent name than they.” (Hebrews 1:3-4) For it is thus written, “Who makes His angels spirits, and His ministers a flame of fire.” But concerning His Son the Lord spoke thus: “You are my Son, today have I begotten You. Ask of me, and I will give You the heathen for Your inheritance, and the uttermost parts of the earth for Your possession.” And again He says to Him, “Sit at my right hand, until I make Your enemies Your footstool.” But who are His enemies? All the wicked, and those who set themselves to oppose the will of God.

Chapter 37. Christ is Our Leader, and We His Soldiers.

Let us then, men and brethren, with all energy act the part of soldiers, in accordance with His holy commandments. Let us consider those who serve under our generals, with what order, obedience, and submissiveness they perform the things which are commanded them. All are not prefects, nor commanders of a thousand, nor of a hundred, nor of fifty, nor the like, but each one in his own rank performs the things commanded by the king and the generals. The great cannot subsist without the small, nor the small without the great. There is a kind of mixture in all things, and thence arises mutual advantage. Let us take our body for an example. The head is nothing without the feet, and the feet are nothing without the head; yea, the very smallest members of our body are necessary and useful to the whole body. But all work harmoniously together, and are under one common rule for the preservation of the whole body.

Chapter 38. Let the Members of the Church Submit Themselves, and No One Exalt Himself Above Another.

Let our whole body, then, be preserved in Christ Jesus; and let every one be subject to his neighbour, according to the special gift bestowed upon him. Let the strong not despise the weak, and let the weak show respect unto the strong. Let the rich man provide for the wants of the poor; and let the poor man bless God, because He has given him one by whom his need may be supplied. Let the wise man display his wisdom, not by [mere] words, but through good deeds. Let the humble not bear testimony to himself, but leave witness to be borne to him by another. (Proverbs 27:2) Let him that is pure in the flesh not grow proud of it, and boast, knowing that it was another who bestowed on him the gift of continence. Let us consider, then, brethren, of what matter we were made,—who and what manner of beings we came into the world, as it were out of a sepulchre, and from utter darkness. He who made us and fashioned us, having prepared His bountiful gifts for us before we were born, introduced us into His world. Since, therefore, we receive all these things from Him, we ought for everything to give Him thanks; to whom be glory for ever and ever. Amen.

Chapter 39. There is No Reason for Self-Conceit.

Foolish and inconsiderate men, who have neither wisdom nor instruction, mock and deride us, being eager to exalt themselves in their own conceits. For what can a mortal man do, or what strength is there in one made out of the dust? For it is written,”There was no shape before my eyes, only I heard a sound, and a voice [saying], What then? Shall a man be pure before the Lord? Or shall such an one be [counted] blameless in his deeds, seeing He does not confide in His servants, and has charged even His angels with perversity? The heaven is not clean in His sight: how much less they that dwell in houses of clay, of which also we ourselves were made! He smote them as a moth; and from morning even until evening they endure not. Because they could furnish no assistance to themselves, they perished. He breathed upon them, and they died, because they had no wisdom. But call now, if any one will answer you, or if you will look to any of the holy angels; for wrath destroys the foolish man, and envy kills him that is in error. I have seen the foolish taking root, but their habitation was presently consumed. Let their sons be far from safety; let them be despised before the gates of those less than themselves, and there shall be none to deliver. For what was prepared for them, the righteous shall eat; and they shall not be delivered from evil.”

Chapter 46. Let Us Cleave to the Righteous: Your Strife is Pernicious.

Such examples, therefore, brethren, it is right that we should follow; since it is written, “Cleave to the holy, for those that cleave to them shall [themselves] be made holy.” And again, in another place, [the Scripture] says, “With a harmless man you shall prove yourself harmless, and with an elect man you shall be elect, and with a perverse man you shall show yourself perverse.” Let us cleave, therefore, to the innocent and righteous, since these are the elect of God. Why are there strifes, and tumults, and divisions, and schisms, and wars among you? Have we not [all] one God and one Christ? Is there not one Spirit of grace poured out upon us? And have we not one calling in Christ? (Ephesians 4:4-6) Why do we divide and tear in pieces the members of Christ, and raise up strife against our own body, and have reached such a height of madness as to forget that “we are members one of another?” (Romans 12:5) Remember the words of our Lord Jesus Christ, how He said, “Woe to that man [by whom offences come]! It were better for him that he had never been born, than that he should cast a stumbling-block before one of my elect. Yea, it were better for him that a millstone should be hung about [his neck], and he should be sunk in the depths of the sea, than that he should cast a stumbling-block before one of my little ones.” Your schism has subverted [the faith of] many, has discouraged many, has given rise to doubt in many, and has caused grief to us all. And still your sedition continues.

Chapter 47. Your Recent Discord is Worse Than the Former Which Took Place in the Times of Paul.

Take up the epistle of the blessed Apostle Paul. What did he write to you at the time when the gospel first began to be preached? Truly, under the inspiration of the Spirit, he wrote to you concerning himself, and Cephas, and Apollos, because even then parties had been formed among you. But that inclination for one above another entailed less guilt upon you, inasmuch as your partialities were then shown towards apostles, already of high reputation, and towards a man whom they had approved. But now reflect who those are that have perverted you, and lessened the renown of your far-famed brotherly love. It is disgraceful, beloved, yea, highly disgraceful, and unworthy of your Christian profession, that such a thing should be heard of as that the most steadfast and ancient church of the Corinthians should, on account of one or two persons, engage in sedition against its presbyters. And this rumour has reached not only us, but those also who are unconnected with us; so that, through your infatuation, the name of the Lord is blasphemed, while danger is also brought upon yourselves.

Chapter 48. Let Us Return to the Practice of Brotherly Love.

Let us therefore, with all haste, put an end to this [state of things]; and let us fall down before the Lord, and beseech Him with tears, that He would mercifully be reconciled to us, and restore us to our former seemly and holy practice of brotherly love. For [such conduct] is the gate of righteousness, which is set open for the attainment of life, as it is written, “Open to me the gates of righteousness; I will go in by them, and will praise the Lord: this is the gate of the Lord: the righteous shall enter in by it.” Although, therefore, many gates have been set open, yet this gate of righteousness is that gate in Christ by which blessed are all they that have entered in and have directed their way in holiness and righteousness, doing all things without disorder. Let a man be faithful: let him be powerful in the utterance of knowledge; let him be wise in judging of words; let him be pure in all his deeds; yet the more he seems to be superior to others [in these respects], the more humble-minded ought he to be, and to seek the common good of all, and not merely his own advantage.

Chapter 49. The Praise of Love.

Let him who has love in Christ keep the commandments of Christ. Who can describe the [blessed] bond of the love of God? What man is able to tell the excellence of its beauty, as it ought to be told? The height to which love exalts is unspeakable. Love unites us to God. Love covers a multitude of sins. Love bears all things, is long-suffering in all things. There is nothing base, nothing arrogant in love. Love admits of no schisms: love gives rise to no seditions: love does all things in harmony. By love have all the elect of God been made perfect; without love nothing is well-pleasing to God. In love has the Lord taken us to Himself. On account of the love He bore us, Jesus Christ our Lord gave His blood for us by the will of God; His flesh for our flesh, and His soul for our souls.

Chapter 50. Let Us Pray to Be Thought Worthy of Love.

You see, beloved, how great and wonderful a thing is love, and that there is no declaring its perfection. Who is fit to be found in it, except such as God has vouchsafed to render so? Let us pray, therefore, and implore of His mercy, that we may live blameless in love, free from all human partialities for one above another. All the generations from Adam even unto this day have passed away; but those who, through the grace of God, have been made perfect in love, now possess a place among the godly, and shall be made manifest at the revelation of the kingdom of Christ. For it is written, “Enter into your secret chambers for a little time, until my wrath and fury pass away; and I will remember a propitious day, and will raise you up out of your graves.” (Isaiah 26:20) Blessed are we, beloved, if we keep the commandments of God in the harmony of love; that so through love our sins may be forgiven us. For it is written, “Blessed are they whose transgressions are forgiven, and whose sins are covered. Blessed is the man whose sin the Lord will not impute to him, and in whose mouth there is no guile. This blessedness comes upon those who have been chosen by God through Jesus Christ our Lord; to whom be glory for ever and ever. Amen.

Chapter 62. Summary and Conclusory—Concerning Godliness.

Concerning the things pertaining to our religious observance which are most profitable for a life of goodness to those who would pursue a godly and righteous course, we have written to you, men and brethren, at sufficient length. For concerning faith and repentance and true love and continence and soberness and patience, we have touched upon every passage, putting you in mind that you ought in righteousness and truth and long-suffering to be well-pleasing to Almighty God with holiness, being of one mind—not remembering evil—in love and peace with instant gentleness, even as also our fathers forementioned found favour by the humility of their thoughts towards the Father and God and Creator and all mankind. And of these things we put you in mind with the greater pleasure, since we were well assured that we were writing to men who were faithful and of highest repute and had peered into the oracles of the instruction of God.

Prayer Request:

Sister S’s health is declining rapidly and her dear husband brother L. is under a great burden. We need to keep them in our prayers continually. Lord Jesus, strengthen these precious friends, do not let them become discouraged and lose heart. We place our trust in You with every aspect of our lives, in sickness as well as in health. Heal our dear sister according to Your good and perfect will, and let us bring glory and praise to Your Holy Name under every circumstance. Amen.

Two dreams I had last night

I woke up this morning with my hands folded in prayer.

I recalled two dreams. Although I remember some of the details a bit "hazily", I think I ought to write them down.

In the first dream I’m looking up at the sky. In the distance I see an airplane, dropping out something that looks like confetti. The plane gets closer to me, dropping leaflets that fall to the ground all around me. I pick them up to see what kind of messages they contain. Some are written by hand on small pieces of paper, in a foreign language. Disappointed, I toss them. Then I find a large folded leaflet. It has a picture in the centerfold (cannot remember the image) and text written over it. As I begin reading it, tears start falling. It’s from a teacher or a pastor, someone I do not know. I’m surprised, because it addresses my life’s situation. The message contains words of encouragement. It is personal, describing how this man knows and understands the events of my life. This makes me cry. I cannot understand why would someone I don’t even know, show such concern and write to me.

Another page contains instruction, it tells me not to dwell on what’s happening in the middle east/politics. There’s a number, 258, but somehow it’s either a combination of two numbers (one being 100) or, in addition, has a different number involved. This is the hazy part of the dream I cannot clearly remember.

In the second dream, I’m standing at the edge of a runway surrounded by people. A warplane is about to take off. There are people blocking it’s way. As I observe, I realize how dangerous and risky this procedure is, the runway should be cleared of all those people first. The plane manages to lift off as the people watch.

Shortly after takeoff, the plane turns into a large man, flying with outstretched hands. All of a sudden he plunges down, his face smashing against the runway (I see an expression of disbelief and pain on his face as he bounces back up in the air, in attempt to lift off again). I know that he won’t be able to continue because his injury is too severe. I fear for the people below.

The man falls and finally comes to a stop. He appears dead, his body mangled and twisted. People rush over to where he lay. All of a sudden he sits up and begins to mock the crowd. He explains to them, "see, I’m cushioned by water, therefore I survived the fall."

As I continue to watch, he stands up. I see multiple holes appear in his suit through which the water starts squirting in all directions, soaking those that are standing around him. He appears to be shrinking. End of dream.

Weeks 17-18

The word for my present situation is "conserve!"

A time to consider and weigh the balances. Recently, our family was blessed with some extra money in form of tax return. It came in a time of need, as our income is now just a small fraction of what it used to be, yet the bills (utilities etc.) seem to do the opposite. During such times it becomes very apparent that it’s God’s provision what counts. We have seen both lean and fat times, and have been reminded time after time, that being obedient to God in tithing (as well as showing kindness and mercy) always turns into a flow of blessings, as our needs are met.

I’ve noticed that in material sense, it’s usually not a penny less or a penny more, but always what is sufficient to meet the needs. Glory to God!

Trust is another keyword here, as one can easily become discouraged when addressing the cares and demands of life…

Patience in trusting in Him. One of the great gifts given to those who wait in the Lord.

God is good all the time. His mercy endureth forever.

He is also a just God who judges in righteousness. Last weekend, a large gathering took place in Orlando, FL hosted by a man who proclaims to be Jesus Christ. This Miami-based religious leader has thousands of followers in several countries. Just one of the signs of the end times. Jesus Himself warned us about false Christs that will appear before His coming. There’s been quite a few during the age of Christianity, and most likely there’s many more coming.

Right now, 52 of Florida’s 67 counties are engulfed in part by wildfires. Looking at the sun the other day, it appeared blood red -stopping me in my tracks. Others may not see the same connection that I do, yet I’m convinced that fire is a sign of judgment. Other judgments come in various forms, earth shakings, water and weather related disasters etc. All the earth’s elements are included. I seriously believe that God allows these things to fall upon mankind to bring forth repentance, urging us to seek God.

Revelation mentions that, despite these afflictions men choose to blaspheme God instead of repenting of their sins and sorceries. Woe is man…

Is there hunger for sound doctrine? People nowadays are stuffed with the doctrines of the devils, there are strong delusions fed to believers within so many churches that make the body of Christ. I think it comes down to whether (or whether not) each individual’s heart is centered in Jesus Christ, having been reconciled by His Blood and living in His resurrection power daily, transformed by the Holy Spirit. Simple stuff, without elaborating or sensationalizing.

We are to worship Him in spirit and in truth. With all aspects of our lives.

Whoa, looks like the final word for this entry turns out to be: REPENT!

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