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Weeks 15-16

This is a busy time of year, a time of preparation…

I’ve been preparing our home for the future. It’s almost finished, and I hope to start using it for the glory of God Almighty. Our aim should be to serve Him with everything we possess (it all comes from Him anyways).

Week fifteen I worked every day from morning til’ midnight painting, fixing, removing clutter. Springtime cleaning I guess… We finally got all our window sills and downstairs baseboard installed, praise God for His provision! Bless our hardworking, skillful friend and his family Lord!

All the little improvements inspire and lift up the "home-maker’s" spirit, but leaves the God given spirit longing and hungering for more of Him, continually. How does one balance the two, no problem… You work with your hands while worshiping and praising Lord with all your heart, mind and spirit.

There has been struggles too, yet Lord always provides a way out. How sweet it is to trust Him in all regards. Victory in Jesus!

My Canadian cousin and his wife visited us twice, it was a great pleasure to receive these special guests and "catch up" with what’s happening in the family. Mine is such a big one -hundreds of first, second and third cousins! I asked about my uncle’s grand and great- grandchildren (they had 14 kids of their own) and was told they have about 120 now, so many that people start losing count!!! All brought up in the knowledge and fear of God, that is something… My mom comes from a family of 13 children. I actually know only a fraction of my extended family.

I long to hear from the Lord. I long to rest in Him during the times of distress, having full assurance that He takes care of all our needs and matters. So often we deceive ourselves by molding our actions and ways of thinking according to the world’s standards and in the process, leave God out of our plans.

Let Your plan be my plan Lord.

There’s a lot going on right now, cannot even begin to sort things out… I can just observe how things unfold in God’s master plan. All glory, honor and blessing to Him who sits on the throne and unto the Lamb. amen

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  1. Tervehdys;: Kyllä niitä tulee otettua sisälle koivun oksia. Kovin on pienet silmut, mutta alut kuitenkin puissa. Ollut niin kylmää, yöllä laskee lämpötila reippaasti pakkasen puolelle, parraimmillaan,,tai pahimmillaan jopa -6c. Viime yönä satanu lunta, maa oli valkeena aamulla. Ja kaikki jo vaihtaneet kesärenkaat autoin. On se niille jotka lähteneet omalla autolla töihin, ollu tuskan paikka ajaa sohjossa. Puolen päivän jälkeen se suli vasta pois.Hyvää viikon loppu puolta;:Moi

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