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Remember J, the young man we had helped at the shelter, jeopardizing our job positions. He showed up last night, quite happy and well dressed. I was thrilled to see that things were looking up for him. He showed me a brand new ID card he had obtained, and told me he was going to take a test at the local college today, in order to start studying. What wonderful news, J. was absolutely beaming with enthusiasm! I told him how I had been thinking about him lately, wished him well and promised to keep him in my prayers as we parted.

This young man turned 18 last month. All right, way to go J!!! You’re on your way to a better and brighter tomorrow. God is good indeed! I was rejoicing and praising Him all morning long!

Week Fourteen

Week 14

The inner struggle I was experiencing discouraged me to the point where I was beginning to doubt whether I belonged in God’s kingdom at all… I was tired of struggling -and at the same time, tempted to escape reality "via OBE" which I knew would make things even worse, spiritually speaking. So I tried to avoid conditions where it would be easy for me to leave my physical body. Earlier this week, while resting at the shelter, I felt invisible hands trying to pull me out (it surprised me because I hadn’t asked for assistance), but I was "stuck" to my chest area and could not be pulled loose. I had prayed earlier concerning OBE’s, maybe God prevented it from happening…

On Wednesday things started to turn around. Attending this week’s Bible study encouraged me to get back in the Word to search for answers. One simply cannot avoid being inspired in the spirit when witnessing "first hand" how Lord gives His children revelations! Things do get better, as God provides us comfort, satisfying our spirits through His Holy Scriptures!

He also provided me much needed encouragement in form of spoken words (through His servant) that reaffirmed my standing with Him. Now I’m glad that I haven’t shared this web page address with anyone who attends Upper Room, otherwise I’d be wondering if the recent messages I heard came from men instead of God.

During Friday’s and Saturday’s praise meetings I received words of instruction (cleanse and purify your heart), comfort (trust in Me, I will care for you, do not worry), confirming words of His sovereignity and reassurance that He has control over any situation we find ourselves in, no matter how difficult it may seem. Praise God, He is so good!!! I’m amazed. I am convinced, Lord. How could I have ever accused You of not talking to me… This week I received answers that were clear and precise. No doubt about that!

My heart is bursting Lord!

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